Martin Sheader (England) - Flowers of the Patagonian Mountains. Rock plants from South to North along the Patagonian Andes.
Ian Young (Scotland) - Small bulbous plants in cultivation. Sponsored by the SRGC.
Dieter Zschummel (Germany) - Plant exploration in Iran.
Peter Korn (Sweden) - Growing in sand. Rock and scree garden construction near Goteborg.
Vladimir Epiktetov (Kazakhstan) - Top plants from the flora of Kazakhstan & Central Asia . Party sponsored by SRGC.
Michal Hoppel (Poland) - Rock gardening in Poland. Rock garden construction in practice - rocks, crevices, troughs, walls and their plants.
Zdeněk Zvolánek (CZ) - American Golden West. A song to remember Zdenek´s late partner, Joyce Carruthers.
Vojtěch Holubec (CZ) - Chinese flowering Paradise. The best of the flora of China and Tibet.
Jiří Papoušek (CZ) - Czech crevice gardens. A guide to interesting gardens.
Josef Jurášek (CZ) - Turkey - The Mecca of Rock Gardeners. Plants from the whole Turkey from travels 1986-present.
Zdeněk Zvolánek (CZ) - Charm of the Balkans - in memory of Czech sources of alpines within iron curtain and freedom in the new century.